Agarose LE Tablets

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AG45-005 50 tablets
AG45-020 200 tablets

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Product Features

The LE Agarose Tablets are pre-weighted tablets of LE Agarose Standard suitable for routine electrophoresis. They provide a convenient, easy-to-use and time-saving solution. Each tablet of 0.5 g agarose is ready to dissolve in the previously measured 1x TAE / 1x TBE buffer.

LE Agarose Tablets is used in particular for the routine electrophoresis of a wide range of DNA fragments (100 – 25.000 bp).

LE Agarose Tablets is manufactured employing an advanced and environmentally friendly process free of any organic solvent use.


Features and advantages

- The accurately weighed 0.5 g agarose tablets are packaged separately in blister packs

- DNase/ RNase/ protease- free High gel strength (easy-to-handle gels)\

- High electrophoretic mobility (low EEO value)

- Very low background; low absorption of ethidium bromide

- High purity (Molecular Biology Grade)


- Conventional and preparative electrophoresis of DNA and RNA fragments

- Ideal for separating a wide range of DNA fragments

- Purification of DNA fragments from the gel for further molecular biology applications

- Southern and Northern blotting

- Immunoelectrophoresis


Manufacturer: BLIRT S.A.