5xGC Additive

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RP516 1 ml
RP517 5 x 1 ml

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Product Features

The 5x GC-Additive is an ideal tool for the amplification of GC-rich templates. It changes DNA behavior upon heating and can be used with primer-template pairs with a GC-rich content which do not work well under standard PCR conditions. The 5x GC-Additive reduces the number of secondary structures and enables the specific hybridization of primers. In order to obtain the most satisfactory results, using it with TaqNova DNA Polymerase is recommended.



- ideal for GC-rich and difficult templates which fail with standard Taq DNA polymerases

- improved PCR specificity and efficiency


Quality control

Free of nonspecific nucleases (DNases and RNases) and DNA contamination. Extensively tested for nicking activity and in PCR applications focusing on templates rich in GC (approx. 81%).



Store at + 4°C.


Shipping conditions

Shipping at + 4°C



12 months from the date of purchase


Manufacturer: BLIRT S.A.