2xPCR TaqNova-RED

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RP85T 100 reactions
(50 µl)
RP85T-10 1000 reactions
(50 µl)

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Product Features

2x PCR TaqNova-RED is a 2x concentrated, ready-to-use PCR master mix which facilitates an easy and rapid PCR reaction set-up. The 2x PCR TaqNova-RED solution contains a reaction buffer, magnesium chloride, dNTPs and a thermostable Taq DNA polymerase. In order to set-up the PCR reaction, all that needs adding to the master mix is the template, the primer set and water. This convenient 2x PCR TaqNova-RED master mix reduces the time required to set up PCR reactions and decreases the possibility of contamination, particularly when preparing large numbers of reactions.


Moreover, the master mix is supplemented with an inner dye and a density reagent, which allows for direct loading of PCR products to a gel.


Features and advantages

- Convenient – the TaqNova DNA Polymerase in a ready-to-use mix

- Consistent results

- Suitable for a wide range of applications

- Recombinant enzyme of high purity

- Extreme yield with minimal amounts of enzyme and little optimization

- Half-life of the enzyme is 45 minutes at 95°C

- Amplifies fragments of up to 5 kb

- Leaves ´A´ overhangs  

- Facilitate high throughput PCR reaction set-up

- Reduced risk of contamination

- Direct gel loading



- Efficient amplification of short and medium size DNA sequences

- Diagnostic PCR



2x concentrated PCR reaction buffer, 4 mM MgCl2; 1.6 mM dNTPs mix (0.4 mM of each dNTP); 0.04 U/µl TaqNova DNA Polymerase, red inner dye and density reagent.


Quality control

Free of unspecific nucleases. Extensively tested for PCR applications.


Storage conditions

Store all components at -20°C. After thawing, the product will remain stable at +4°C for at least two months. Up to ten freeze/thaw cycles will not compromise product performance.


Shipping conditions

Shipping on dry ice.



Manufacturer: BLIRT S.A.