PCR Anti-inhibitor (RP50)

PCR additive used for elimination of PCR inhibitors coextracted with the DNA; amplification of problematic templates, isolated from: urine, stool, saliva, sputum, blood, swabs, biopsy materials etc.

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RP50 100 reactions
(50 µl)

RP51 500 reactions
(50 µl)

5xGC Additive (RP516)

PCR additive for GC-rich templates; reduces quantity of secondary structures and enables a specific hybridization of primers.

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RP516 1 ml

RP517 5 x 1 ml

TmaSSB Protein (RP32)

PCR enhancer; extreme thermostable Single-Stranded DNA Binding Protein isolated from Thermotoga maritima; melting temperature Tm = 109.3°C (Tm of TaqSSB is 86.8°C); the half-live of the ssDNA-binding activity at 100°C is 10 h.

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RP32-05 50 µg

RP32-25 250 µg