phi29 DNA Polymerase (EN23)

Very processive polymerase (up to 70 kb) with strong strand displacement activity, which allows for highly efficient isothermal DNA amplification; possesses a 3’ 5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity acting preferentially on ssDNA or RNA, therefore 3’-modified primers are recommended.

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EN23-010 1000 U

EN23-050 5000 U

RIBOPROTECT Hu RNase Inhibitor (RT35)

Recombinant human placental RNase inhibitor expressed in E. coli strain.

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RT35-020 2000 U

RT35-100 10000 U

RIBOPROTECT Mu RNase Inhibitor (RT37)

Recombinant protein of murine origin, that is more resistant to oxidation compared to the human or porcine version and is stable at low DTT concentrations.

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RT37-020 2000 U

RT37-100 10000 U

Tth DNA Ligase (EN13)

NAD-dependent recombinant ligase from Thermus thermophilus. The ligation will occur only if oligonucleotides are perfectly paired to the complementary target DNA and have no gaps between them. Therefore, a single-base substitution can be detected. High thermostability allows ligation using high-stringency hybridization conditions. High specificity and stringency permits sensitive detection of SNPs. Equivalent of Ampligase® (Epicentre).

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EN13-025 250 U

EN13-250 2500 U

UDGase (EN19)

Uracil DNA Glycosylase (UDG) catalyzes the release of uracil from uracil-containing single-stranded or double-stranded DNA, but not from RNA or oligonucleotides. Widely used to control carry-over contamination in PCR. Concentration 1 U/μl.

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EN19-050 500 U

EN19-250 2500 U

TRANSCRIPTME M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase (RT32)

Modified M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase; 10 pg –5 μg of total RNA; concentration 200 U/μl; has increased thermal stability (optimum activity at 50°C); has no 3’-5’ exonuclease or RNase H activity, which improves the synthesis of a fulllength cDNA, even from long mRNA templates, using random priming; gives high yields of first strand cDNA up to 10 kb long.

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RT32-010 10000 U

RT32-050 50000 U

T4 DNA Ligase (EN11)

ATP-dependent recombinant enzyme used for molecular cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, nick repair in duplex DNA, RNA or DNA/RNA hybrids, Ligation Mediated PCR; concentration 5 U/μl.

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EN11-050 500 U
(5 U/µl)

EN11-250 2500 U
(5 U/µl)

Quick Ligase (EN12)

ATP-dependent recombinant T4 DNA ligase for efficient ligation of DNA fragments with compatible cohesive or blunt ends in 5 and 15 minutes respectively.

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EN12-050 50 reaction

EN12-150 150 reaction

Proteinase K (RP101)

Mutagen and recombinant Proteinase K from Tritirachium album is non-specific, subtilisin-related serine protease with a very high specific activity.

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RP100B 100 mg

RP101B 250 mg

RP102B 1000 mg

RP105B 1 ml (10 mg/ml)

RP107B 1 ml (20 mg/ml)

TEV Protease (RP171)

Recombinant cysteine protease from Tobacco Etch Virus mainly used f or removal of affinity markers from fusion proteins; enzyme concentration: 5 U μl.

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RP171 1000 U

RP172 10000 U

RNase H (RT34-025)

Recombinant enzyme, which hydrolyses specifically the phosphodiester bonds of RNA hybridized to DNA; it is a key enzyme in the removal of mRNA after first-strand cDNA synthesis.

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RT34-025 250 U
(5 U/µl)

RT34-125 1250 U
(5 U/µl)

BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin) (EN17)

A highly pure Albumin (Fraction V) recommended for a variety of applications where quality is required; purity >98%; Heavy Metals
(Pb) <0.001%; free of nucleases and proteases; soluble in water; pH (5% in water at 25°C) 6.5-7.5.

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EN17-010 10 g

EN17-100 100 g