Agarose LE Standard (AG41)

For the routine gel electrophoresis of a wide range of DNA fragments (100 – 25.000 bp).

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AG41-010 100 g

AG41-050 500 g

Agarose LE Tablets (AG45)

Accurately preweighed 0.5 g tablets of Agarose LE in a convenient blister pack.

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AG45-005 50 tablets

AG45-020 200 tablets

Agarose HR High resolution (AG42)

Agarose suitable for separation of small DNA fragments between 20-800 bp.

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AG42-005 50 g

AG42-010 100 g

Agarose LM Low Melting (AG43)

Agarose for preparative electrophoresis and the recovery of DNA and RNA.

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AG43-005 50 g